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Can your buggies be used for running or jogging?

All of the 3-wheeled strollers from our phil&teds legacy line (E3, sport, classic, dash, explorer, s3, s4, dot, sport 2015 / phil&teds nav), although not designed for it, can be used for light jogging at your discretion. We design and engineers those models to have air filled tires for a smooth ride, all terrain tread for on road or off, and a 2 position front wheel that can lock into place for jogging.It isrecommendd that the front swivelwheelbe locked for use in running/jogging. The best elements of a jogging stroller combined do make phil&teds buggies a wonderful choice for a stroller to jog or run with your baby.We build our phil&teds buggies for all kinds of intended uses but always suggest you check in with your pediatrician for the ultimate authority on whether your child should run with you.

A great stroller for the die-hard runners of the world from Mountain Buggy (our partner in world buggy domination) would be the terrain:
buggies/single/terrain.The terrain offers the one hand control with a hand brake, and an adjustable handle height. It also offers great shock absorbing suspension as well as the option to lock the front wheel forward for longer strides.

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