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How do I adjust my phil&teds Metro Carrier to fit me best?

step 1: ‘stand’ proud!
The metro features a self standing fold-out
base, so you can ‘take a load off’! Make light
work of setting up the metro, & fold this
out now:
a. From its folded-away position, grasp the
base arm & pull it out toward the back of
the carrier. The base will self lock.
Note Place the metro on a flat surface &
confirm it sits upright, indicating correct
extension of the fold-out base.
b. To pack down after a hard day’s adventuring:
grasp the base arm & pull it down then fold
it in toward back of the carrier.
step 2: put your back into it!
Note Your initial carrier adjustment should be
done without a child in the carrier.
c. Load carrier with 10 -15kg/22 - 33lbs of
dummy weight. ie; 50 cans of baby food,
(puréed brussel sprouts and broccoli is best!)
d. Generously loosen all the adult harness
straps, & put the carrier on.
e. Fasten the hipbelt ensuring that it’s
sitting directly over your hip bones.
Note If the hipbelt is too high or low to sit on
your hip bones, then the metro back length
simply needs adjusting. To adjust:
f.Take the carrier off & open the centre zip
located between the shoulder straps.
g. To lengthen undo the red Velcro strap
& pull it downwards, then guide the main
shoulder harness up until the desired strap
height is reached. Refasten the Velcro &
close the zip.
h. To shorten undo the red Velcro strap &
pull it upwards to automatically shorten the
shoulder straps. Refasten the Velcro & close
the zip.
Put the carrier on again, & fasten the hip
belt as in ‘e’.
i.Adjust the shoulder straps by pulling the
loose ends towards the floor.
j. Adjust the top stabiliser straps by pulling
them toward your body. They should sit at
an approximate 45 degree angle. This will
shift the carrier weight away from your
shoulders; (woopee!)
k. Fasten the chest strap buckle (not too tight).
Slide the fastened strap up or down until it
sits comfortably across the top of your
chest. (above your breasts, ladies)
l. Tighten the lower stabilising straps to
pull the carrier closer to your back.
step 3:now to make the
metro child ready
With the carrier fold-out base extended
(see ‘stand proud!’ section), place the carrier
on flat, stable ground.
m. Generously loosen all the child straps, &
undo the child chest harness buckle.
n. Stand with one foot on the fold-out base to
stabilise the carrier. Lift the little one into the
child seat.
Note - Have them sit with their body facing the
adult harness, & their legs hanging either side
of the carrier.
o. Assess the height of their seat, & adjust it
accordingly by tightening or loosening the
child seat strap, located in the centre front
of the carrier.
Tip - You may need to lift them out of the seat
each time you do this, dependant upon how
much they ate for breakfast!
p. Refasten shoulder straps located at the side
of the carrier; adjusting the length by pulling
the loose ends away from the floor.
q. Fasten the child’s chest strap buckle.
Slide the fastened strap up or down until it
sits comfortably across the child’s chest.
r. Tighten each of the carrier side straps to
pull the child closer toward the adult harness,
keeping them snug.
Hey presto!
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