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How do I clean my lobster?

We do not offer a replacement seat option for the lobster chair but we do have some good instructions for caring for the fabric.

The fabric should becleaned regularly. Brush off any excessive dirt or sand and rinse with lukewarm water. Wash your Lobster by hand using a a sponge dipped in mild natural soap solution in lukewarm water (no more than 38°C/100°F). Rinse thoroughly. DO NOT tumble dry or dry in strong sunlight. To avoid fabric fading, cover the Lobster if it is exposed to direct sunlight through glass e.g. in a car or if stored in exposed areas.

**The fabric can be removed byfully inverting one claw by rotating through 180° (outwards, away from seat, and until pointing upwards). Remove the grub screw locking fabric in place with an Allen key, then slide fabric out of the exposed frame slot. Reverse process to reattach.

**for lobsters manufactured from July 2013 onwards a 4mm Allen Key is required to remove the screw.

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