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how do I replace an inner tube or tyre


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8 easy steps below

Like a car or bicycle, your buggy requires upkeep for optimum performance and longevity.

Although replacing a tire or tube is fairly universal, buggy tyres and tubes differ by product so therefore are sold separately for each of our brands.

Always keep in mind that buggy tyres require less pressure than cars and bikes.
Max: 20psi - 22psi - Please do not use a car tyre pump.


  1. Remove the wheel from the buggy

  2. Fully deflate the tyre (if not already), by using your fingernail to press the center pin down to release any remaining air, it could hiss a little bit.

  3. Using the blunt end of your lever (spoon, flathead screwdriver, or tyre levers)
    poke your chosen tool in between the rim and inner tyre and slowly prise the tool over the rim so the free end of the tool faces towards the center of the wheel.

  4. Pause here - you should have just part of the tyre rim showing. Now take your second lever tool (spoon end) and about 2 inches away from the first lever do exactly the same as step 3, prising the tyre over the rim.

  5. This should allow you to then slide either lever around the rim and the tyre should free itself from the rim for access to the inner tube.

  6. Pull out the old tube so you can repair it (instructions below) or install a new tube. Remember to first insert the tube air valve through the rim hole before you seat the tube inside the tyre.

  7. Make sure the tube is all snug and gently try to prise the tyre over the rim in reverse. You may need to use the spoon/levers again for this step. Be careful not to pinch the new or repaired tube with your lever.

  8. Grab a buggy air pump or bicycle pump and screw/press the pump end onto the air nozzle (some pumps have a lever that needs to be pushed down to create a better seel).
    Extend the pump shaft up and down and feel the tyre to gauge the pressure, so not rock hard.
    We advise pumping your tyres up to Max 20psi - 22psi- Please don't use a car tyre pump.

For instructions on repairing a punctured inner tube, visit this page -
How do I repair a puncture?

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